Mars Space X

Mars Space X is a deflationary cryptocurrency, but also modern high-end finance. It was born to provide stable and continuous capital output to the Mars Project.At the same time, participants will also receive high dividend rewards. Musk said: I hope to use the benefits of Mars Space X to ensure the smooth login plan.
Community :

Why was Space X created?

Because Musk aims to send millions of people to Mars. And this plan requires huge funds to maintain it. The first step to solve the multi-planet problem is to reduce the cost of rocket launch and space transportation to achieve the colonization of Mars.

Why do you need The Boring Company?

There is no oxygen on Mars and the climate is harsh. If humans want to survive, they must build underground cities. In a vacuum, Hyperloop's technology will have more efficient traffic, and it can also transfer traffic from two-dimensional space to three-dimensional space.

What is Starlink?

What needs to be solved most on Mars is the food and energy problems. To solve the energy problem, communication technology is needed. Starlink uses 12,000 satellites to connect. No matter the subsequent communication with the earth or Mars, planetary-star technology is required. In the future social interpersonal interaction, the combination of man and machine to deliver information is expected to break through the use of language linear output, and the decoding efficiency is low.

Mars Project

It can be said that in order to send humans to Mars to settle down, Musk dismantled the grand plan and became each executable target.
What the world really needs is these crazy geniuses. And Mars Space X was born for these plans.
Of course, all of this is for our ultimate goal-emigrating to Mars.
At that time, Mars Space X will participate in the first landing on Mars as a charity experience officer.
Please join Mars Space X and embark on the road to Mars together.
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